Quick Introduction

V Edition

(For Individuals)

New to SysOps? Start here: This Is Free! V Edition allows you to monitor your servers from an Android app even before an OS installation!

S Edition

(For (Re)Sellers)

Higher profits, lower RMAs, faster turnarounds, verification you can share with customers. Non-instance pricing for volume users. Supports all functionality: Probe, StressTest, Firmware Update, HD Wipe.

D Edition

(For Data Centers)

Get servers on-line in minutes not hours or weeks! Stress test, update firmware, and capture location-aware metadata before installing any OS. Additionally, inventory may be captured and wiped prior to decommissioning very quickly and easily.

P Edition

(For Enterprises)

SysOps is so useful you will want to integrate it into your production environment. Allows for easier firmware updates, and capturing/maintaining location-aware metadata.

Open Architecture

Meta data gathered by SysOps may be exported to other systems. Additionally, firmware repositories maintained by SysOps may be audited without any restrictions.

Built-in Encryption

All meta data and firmware repositories are saved in encrypted form. Additionally, all network traffic is encrypted.

Custom Linux

To ensure extremely fast boot times and very small footprint, SysOps is based on a suite of custom Linux builds; the setup to generate the custom hypervisors and containers is open sourced on GITHUB.


In the last 12 months, firmware for 12,000+ servers have being automatically updated securely, efficiently and reliably.

Growing Eco-system

SysOps supports automatic firmware updates for 130+ server models, with more added weekly based on customer demand.

Simple Setup

All editions of SysOps are designed to get you started and operational in under 10 minutes.


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